The Exam PA Private Preparation Program

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Pass Exam PA with the invaluable resource of your own personal coach who will prepare you to identify the business problem, analyze the data, and provide conclusions according to the exam requirements of the SOA.

The Exam PA Private Preparation Program Helps You:

✓ Understand predictive modeling concepts and procedures

✓ Master your ability to use R-Studio and R packages for data analysis and model constructions

✓ Understand data structure, design, and how to resolve data issues

✓ Utilize statistics and predictive analytics in analyzing data

✓ Learn how to construct and understand decision trees, GLMs, PCA, etc.

✓ Effectively provide results to data analysis and report writing

✓ Communicate recommendations to the business problem

Your exam coach will provide you with expert hands-on instruction of the critical Predictive Analytics exam skills combined with an intensive review of past SOA exams to place you in the strongest position to pass Exam PA