Resources to Help You Succeed

In addition to our exam preparation resources, we offer many other resources to help students succeed in the actuarial profession.  Mentoring and guidance, gaining internship and job opportunities, and more; our resources are available to help you succeed.

AET Mentoring Program

Guidance from Experts in the Profession

The AET Mentoring Program offers college students and others interested in pursuing the actuarial profession valuable mentoring, guidance, and advice from experts in the profession to ensure that students follow the best road to experiencing success in the profession.  Please contact us for more information.

The Exam Roadmap Consultation

Expert Advice on Preparing for Your Exam

The Exam Roadmap Consultation provides you with the opportunity to speak with one of our top instructors to receive valuable guidance and direction on how to most effectively attack the exam preparation process to place yourself in a strong position to achieve a passing score. For more information about The Exam Roadmap Consultation, please complete our contact form.

The Actuarial Job Acquisition Program

Land Your Career Job

Gain the knowledge and assistance you need in securing the actuarial position of your choice and advancing your career in this ultra competitive 21st century job market.

We will help you with your resume writing, you interviewing skills, and use our large actuarial network to attempt to create job opportunities for you. For more information about our Actuarial Job Acquisition Program, please complete our contact form.


The AET ThinkTank Internship Program

Become an Intern with

We are seeking actuarial students with an entrepreneurial spirit and interest in business to join our ThinkTank. The AET ThinkTank is an internship program in which we discuss ideas for business development and carry out these ideas into implementation. To learn more about The ThinkTank Internship Program, please complete our contact form.

Job Opportunities with

Join The AET Team of Instructors

Are you an expert in actuarial exam instruction and have an interest in providing your skill-set to help students pass their actuarial exams?  To learn more about teaching opportunities with, please complete our contact form.

The AET Partnering Program

Partner and Grow With Us

We at are always interested in partnering with individuals and companies in which we can provide mutually beneficial outcomes for each other.  If you see benefits in a partnership with us, please take the first step in partnering with us and complete our contact form.

Contact Us

Please fill out the contact form to reach out to us so that we can set up a time to speak with you.  We look forward to learning more about your goals and how we can best work together to achieve them.

Success Is Around The Corner

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