Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp For March 2024 Sitting

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Join The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp offering bi-weekly live lectures to elevate syllabus conceptual understanding and problem solving skills to a master level, PLUS have the opportunity to receive individual instruction, coaching, and exam guidance from our highly accomplished Exam P specialist throughout the program

Logen Kanisan, FSA is a highly skilled specialist in preparing students to pass Exams P, FM, and FAM-L. Mr. Kanisan also has 15 years of professional work experience in pricing, product design, analytics, and reinsurance capacities. He graduated with distinction from the University of Waterloo in Actuarial Science.  He serves as a volunteer for the Society of Actuaries (SOA), and has lectured at various universities for SOA exam preparation.

The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp provides the following:

  1. Bi-weekly 1.5 hour live lectures integrating concept building with significant focus on problem solving improvement and mastery
  2. Open Forum for questions with Logen Kanisan immediately following each lecture
  3. Weekly Online Office Hours with Logen Kanisan
  4. Mini-Sessions in which students can schedule private sessions with Logen Kanisan
  5. Q & A Email Correspondence in which students can email Logen Kanisan questions
  6. The Exam P Discussion Group open only to program members to communicate with fellow students and Logen Kanisan
  7. All lectures recorded and available to students


Live Classes & Subjects

Weekday (All Classes 7:30-9:00PM EDT)
Weekend (All Classes 9:30-11:00AM EDT)

2/13: General Rules of Probability & Combinatorial Probability/Practice Problems

2/17: Discrete Random Variables & Specific Discrete Distributions/Practice Problems

2/20: General Continuous Distributions & Specific Continuous Distributions/Practice Problems

2/24: Multivariate Distributions/Practice Problems

2/27: Multivariate Distributions Continued/Practice Problems

3/2: Advanced Probability Topics/Practice Problems

3/5: Review/Q&A

3/9: Final Review/Exam Tactics/Q&A

Join The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp and Maximize Your Exam Skills to Pass Exam P During the March 2024 Sitting