The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp For March 2022 Sitting

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Join The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp offering weekly live lectures with the focus on mastering your Exam P problem solving skills plus the opportunity for each student to receive individual assistance and support from Dr. Goldsmith throughout the program.

Dr. Aaron Goldsmith specializes in preparing students for Exam P. His teaching experience includes leading a variety of probability/statistics courses at University of Wisconsin at Madison. Dr. Goldsmith earned his PhD in mathematics at Texas A&M in 2015 and his BS from University of Missouri Rolla in 2007. He possesses a great passion for helping his students succeed.

The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp provides the following:

  1. Weekly Live Lectures each Saturday focusing on the teaching of strategies, methods, shortcuts, and ‘tricks’ for problem solving advancement with integration of syllabus conceptual review
  2. Open Forum following each lecture for students to ask questions of Dr.  Goldsmith
  3. Weekly Quizzes to practice problem solving
  4. Bi-Weekly Online Office Hours with Dr. Goldsmith
  5. Mini-Sessions in which students can schedule private help with Dr. Goldsmith
  6. Q & A Email Correspondence in which students can email Dr. Goldsmith questions throughout program
  7. The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp Discussion Group open only to program members to communicate with each fellow students and Professor Goldsmith
  8. All live lectures recorded and available to students


Live Classes & Topics for Problem Solving Mastering

(All lectures 2:00PM – 4:00PM EST)

Lecture 1
Advanced Counting, Hypergeometric/Binomial/Geometric/ Negative Binomial Distributions, Discrete Conditional Distributions
Lecture 2
Poisson/Exponential/Normal/Gamma Distributions, CLT, Correlation Coefficient, Coefficient of Variation
Lecture 3
Bayes Rule and Law of Total Probability (LoTP), Risk Management, MGF and PGF, Univariate and Multivariate
Lecture 4
Multivariate Distributions, Conditional Expectation/Variance, Conditional/Marginal Distributions
Lecture 5
Mixed Distributions, Order Statistics, Final Review, Being Prepared

Join The Exam P 5-Week Bootcamp and Prepare Yourself to Pass During the March 2022 Sitting