The Exam 7 (Estimating Liabilities Valuation, ERM) Preparation Program

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The Exam 7 Preparation Program offers candidates an A-Z comprehensive program providing Individual Private Instruction, Recordings for learning all exam syllabus topics and including in-depth review of practice exam problems, New Practice Exams, Email Correspondence, and Coaching, Mentoring, and Exam Guidance from an FCAS designated Exam 7 expert throughout the entire exam preparation period to prepare you to pass

Mundia Mubyana, FCAS, possesses a wealth of actuarial work experience which includes having served in actuarial roles at Allstate, The Hartford, Willis Towers Watson, and BDO. Mr. Mubyana is an expert in how to successfully prepare for actuarial exams having never failed an exam in earning his FCAS designation. Mr. Mubyana takes great pride in leading students to passing their CAS actuarial exams.

  1. Weekly recordings will include In-depth discussion of exam syllabus topics with a focus on understanding how formulas were derived as opposed to solely memorization
  2. Recordings will also include in-depth discussions of solutions to past CAS exam problems from the years 2013 – 2019 (additional practice problems will be made available in early March 2023)
  3. Additional PDF file/notes underlying the recordings will be provided with the release of the recordings
  4. The recordings/PDF’s outlining theory and past CAS exam problems will be provided to students from 12/19/2022 – 2/25/2023
  5. It is expected that all registrants will be comfortable with the exam material by the end of February thereby allowing for ample time to work on problem solving mastering, and exam time constraint management and optimization
  6. Beginning the first week of March, one new Excel based practice exam and accompanying solutions will be released to registrants each week. There will be four practice exams released and they will contain never before seen problems created by the instructor.
  7. In addition to the new practice exams, we will also provide 2 Integrative Questions each week
  8. Individual tutoring sessions available with Mr. Mubyana throughout program (no additional cost)
  9. Email correspondence with Mr. Mubyana available throughout program (no additional cost)
  10. Weekly online office hours (no additional cost)
  11. Access to Exam 7 Discussion Group available only to program registrants (no additional cost)
  12. Registrants who fail to pass are eligible for free entry to subsequent Exam 7 programs until passing*

*Program must be offered


Credibility models for unpaid claim estimation
Percentiles, additional methods, and layers in unpaid claim estimates
Percentiles, additional methods, and layers in unpaid claim estimates
Risk and uncertainty in unpaid claim estimates
Risk and uncertainty in unpaid claim estimates
Premium reserves, reinsurance considerations
Insurance company valuation

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