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ACTEX Learning and ActuaryExamTutor are partnering together to offer the high intensive and powerful program “30 Days to LTAM Mastery”. This live program via Zoom provides lectures of key topics, an in-depth breakdown of LTAM problem solving for best strategies and methods, and a complete review of (2) full practice exams. In addition, the program offers registered students the amazing opportunity to receive private instruction with Professor Anyomi by way of Q&A Email Correspondence, Online Office Hours, and Private Mini-Sessions. 30 Days to LTAM Mastery will advance students LTAM exam preparation well beyond what is possible from self-study alone and place them in the strongest position to pass LTAM during the April 2021 exam sitting.

(30 Days to LTAM Mastery is not intended to be an introductory program)

Siegfried Anyomi is a highly respected specialist in preparing students for Exam LTAM. His accomplishments in LTAM instruction include leading LTAM Problem Solving Seminar Series, contributing to published material on how to improve LTAM problem-solving skills, and he currently serves in a volunteer role of providing LTAM instruction for student members of the IABA. In addition to his exam instruction activities, Mr. Anyomi currently works in an actuarial role at Transamerica. Prior to joining Transamerica, he worked for Aon in the Health & Benefits division. He received an MS in Statistics from the University of Akron and a BS in Actuarial Science from the University of Cape Coast.

30 Days to LTAM Mastery Provides:

  1. Live lectures integrating syllabus conceptual understanding with problem-solving review including the teaching of many valuable strategies, techniques, and methods for multiple-choice problem-solving advancement, and a strong focus on the written response section of the exam
  2. Open Forum following each seminar in which students can ask questions regarding any syllabus topic/problem solving
  3. Complete review of (2) full practice exams
  4. 30 Day access to the study tool GOAL which will be incorporated into the lectures and which students can use on their own for problem-solving practice
  5. Q&A email correspondence available with Siegfried Anyomi throughout the entire program
  6. Online office hours available with Siegfried Anyomi throughout the entire program
  7. Private mini-sessions available with Siegfried Anyomi throughout the entire program
  8. Students receive a recording of live seminar following its completion each session

30 Days to LTAM Mastery will also include:

  • Master how to tackle LTAM problems requiring mathematical and/or statistical derivations
  • SOA is back to basics.  Master solving LTAM problems from first principles
  • Learn how to maximize partial credit on the written answer portion of the exam
  • Discover the full functionality of the TI-MultiView Calculator
  • Discover the full functionality of the BA-II PLUS calculator for experience studies type questions

GOAL (Guided Online Actuarial Learning) is a fully customizable learning and diagnostic exam prep tool.  For LTAM, GOAL includes over 1,700 problems, 15 hours of video instruction covering 80 LTAM topics,  adaptive quizzes, and simulated exams including challenge exams.  GOAL Score* gives you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses, for guidance on what areas may need improvement as you work to achieve a score that indicates you are ready to take the exam. With helpful hint, worked solutions (sometimes multiple solutions per problem), common errors, and instructional videos (currently for P, FM, STAM and LTAM), GOAL is the secret weapon you need! GOAL is available for P, FM, IFM, LTAM, STAM, SRM, MAS-I, MAS-II, CAS 5 and CAS 6. Learn more about GOAL

* GOAL Score is not available in GOAL for CAS 5 or CAS 6


Live Lectures

Free Introductory Lecture
Thursday, March 25
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
LTAM Mastery Overview

  • Free introductory overview of the LTAM Mastery Program.

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