How long has your company been helping students prepare for actuarial exams?

We have been helping students prepare for actuarial exams since 2003.  During that time, we have developed a tremendous reputation in the actuarial community for helping students pass their exams.

How successful have you been in helping students pass their exams?

We at have been incredibly successful in helping students pass their actuarial exams. And the main reason is because of the quality of our staff of instructors.  We recruit only the best instructors who are true exam experts and have the necessary knowledge and teaching ability to help students pass their exams with great regularity.

What are the credentials of your instructors?

Most of our instructors possess PhD’s in actuarial related fields of study and possess a great deal of experience in helping students prepare for actuarial exams.

Do I select the instructor who I work with?

We generally select the instructor for the student to work with.  But if for someone reason, the student is not happy with their instructor, we will always offer alternative instructors for them to work with.

During the tutoring sessions, do I tell the instructor what to go over?

The student always has the option to ask the instructor to go over specific topics/problems during scheduled sessions or have the instructor plan out the tutoring sessions.

I am not in the United States? Can I still receive exam preparation help? works with students throughout the world.  Students can be from any location on the globe.

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