The Exam LTAM Preparation Program

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The Exam LTAM Preparation Program offers a 15 week comprehensive and intensive program providing weekly live lectures, weekly problem solving study and review, Open Forums, private office hours, and the committed and dedicated teaching, coaching, and guidance of an expert in Exam LTAM preparation to lead students to pass Exam LTAM on April 24th

Dr. Yvonne Chueh, ASA, Ph.D., an expert in Exam LTAM preparation, will provide a personalized, hands-on approach to lead students throughout this comprehensive exam preparation program, teaching exam syllabus material while preparing students to master the problem solving and free response sections of the exam. Any individual who has been a previous student of Dr. Chueh knows the passion and dedication she puts forth in helping each and every student pass their exam. Learn more

The Exam LTAM Preparation
Program provides the following:

  1. Weekly 3 hour live online class lectures each Saturday which will integrate concept building and technique practicing with problem solving. The study plan as outlined below will be adjusted according to the participants’ needs and pace. Live classes are interactive in nature and students are encouraged to ask questions of Dr. Chueh
  2. Open Forum following each live lecture in which students can ask questions covering any LTAM topics/problem solving
  3. Assigned problem sets and quizzes weekly
  4. Students can email Dr. Chueh during week with questions related to any category of LTAM topics/problem solving
  5. Students can schedule times to meet with Dr. Chueh for private office hours to discuss any category of LTAM topics/problem solving
  6. Weekly student support in which general program questions and feedback from students will be communicated directly to Dr. Chueh
  7. Recordings of live class lectures made accessible to students following its completion each Sunday


Live Classes & Subjects

Week 1
Age-at-death random variables, Future Lifetime of Individual Age x, Actuarial Notations, Probabilities.
Week 2
Curtate Future Lifetime, Force of Mortality Life Tables, Life Table Functions, Fractional Age Assumptions
Week 3
Survival Functions and Estimation
Week 4
Continuous Life Insurance, Discrete Life Insurance mthly Life Insurance, Relating Different Policies, Recursions, Relating Continuous Discrete and mthly Insurance
Week 5
Continuous Life Annuities, Discrete Life Annuities (Due, Immediate) mthly Life Annuities, Relating Different Policies, Recursions, Relating Continuous Discrete and mthly Life Annuities, Premium Calculation
Week 6
Net Premiums, Gross Premiums Percentile Premiums
Week 7
Benefit Reserves, Gross Premium Reserves, Expense Reserve
Week 8
Multiple Decrement Models: Theory and Applications
Week 9
Multiple Life Functions
Week 10
Multiple State Models
Week 11
Interest Rate Risk Profit Testing
Week 12
Pension Mathematics, Funding and Valuation
Week 13
Retiree Health Benefit and Mortality Improvement Models
Week 14
Written Answer Questions
Week 15
Open Forum Q&A
April 24

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There will be 14 weekly intensive quizzes:

  1. Survival Model: Probability Functions, Force of Mortality
  2. Survival Model: Moments, Special Mortality Laws, Fractional Ages, Select & Ultimate Mortality
  3. Survival Model Estimation: Kaplan-Meier and Nelson-Aalen Estimators, Mortality Table Construction
  4. Insurance: Continuous, Discrete Lifetime, m-thly
  5. Annuity: Continuous, Discrete Lifetime, m-thly
  6. Premiums: Fully Continuous, Fully Discrete payments, Net Premiums, Gross Premiums, Percentile Premiums
  7. Reserves: Net Premium Reserve, Gross Premium Reserve, Prospective Method, Retrospective Method, Recursive Method
  8. Multiple Decrement Models: Discrete Time, Continuous Time, Associated Single Decrement Tables
  9. Multiple Life Functions: Joint Life, Last Survivorship, Common Shock, Insurance and Annuities
  10. Multiple State Models: Markov Chain (Discrete, Continuous Time), Insurance and Annuities
  11. Profit Tests, Gain by Source
  12. Pension Mathematics: Valuation, Funding
  13. RHB, Mortality Improvement Models
  14. Comprehensive topics

Join Our Group on a 15 Week Journey of Learning & Preparation To Pass Exam LTAM on April 24th