The Exam 8 (Advanced Ratemaking) 1-Day Seminar

September 21st 9:00 PM - 10:15 PM EST

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The Exam 8 1-Day Seminar offers a guide to passing Advanced Ratemaking from expert instructor Mundia Mubyana, FCAS. Mr. Mubyana will share his tremendous experience and knowledge in providing invaluable information for students in how to successfully pass Exam 8.

Mundia Mubyana, FCAS, possesses a wealth of actuarial work experience which includes having served in actuarial roles at Allstate, The Hartford, Willis Towers Watson, and BDO. Mr. Mubyana is an expert in how to successfully prepare for actuarial exams having never failed an exam in earning his FCAS designation. Mr. Mubyana takes great pride in leading students to passing their actuarial exams.

The Exam 8 (Advanced Ratemaking) 1-Day Seminar offers students the following:

  1. Understanding the pitfalls leading to not passing Exam 8
  2. The ‘Pyramid Approach’ to Exam 8 preparation
  3. How to maximize your chances of passing
  4. Optimizing your Exam 8 preparation schedule for the October exam sitting
  5. Study strategies for students behind in their preparation for the October sitting
  6. Q & A following the seminar

Join The Exam 8 (Advanced Ratemaking) 1-Day Seminar and gain invaluable knowledge in preparing to pass the exam from expert Exam 8 instructor Mundia Mubyana.