CAS Seminar 1 | Generalized Linear Model Crossover Event

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About the Instructor

Mundia Mubyana, FCAS, possesses close to 20 years of full-time actuarial work experience. Mr. Mubyana is an expert in how to successfully prepare for actuarial exams having never failed an exam in earning his FCAS designation. Mr. Mubyana takes great pride in leading students to pass their CAS actuarial exams. In the spring 2023 exam sitting the students he tutored on a regular basis achieved a 73% pass rate.

Program #1


Generalized Linear Model Crossover Event


1.5hrs/day for 2 days

9/5 – 9/6    9:00-10:30PM EST

What students will get out of it:

This two-day program is a “crossover” event catering to both SOA and CAS individuals. It will commence with a gentle introduction to GLM theory that will culminate in an in-depth review of all the details behind GLM theory. Individuals that would benefit from attendance include but are not limited to:

    • Students sitting for SOA exam PA
    • Students sitting for CAS exam 8
    • Working professionals in any actuarial specialty who wish to have a firm understanding of GLM theory


$150 registration fee will cover the two days of training

Important Notes:

This training covers theory; a separate training session will be scheduled for past exam questions depending on the feedback/demand from attendees.

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