• Exam P–Probability
  • Exam FM–Financial Mathematics
  • Exam IFM–Investment and Financial Markets
  • Exam LTAM–Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics
  • Exam STAM–Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics
  • Exam SRM-Statistics for Risk Modeling
  • Exam PA-Predictive Analytics
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One-on-One Actuarial Tutoring

Probability Exam

$100 /hr.

Financial Mathematics Exam

$125 /hr.
Investment and Financial Markets Exam

$150 /hr.
Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics Exam

$150 /hr.

Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics

$150 /hr.

Statistics for Risk Modeling Exam
of Actuarial Models Exam (C/4)

$150 /hr.

Predictive Analytics Exam

$150 /hr.

Semi-Private Exam Preparation

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Group Actuarial Tutoring

Exam P/1 Intensive Prep Class


Exam FM Intensive Prep Class

Exam STAM Preparation Program


Exam LTAM Preparation Program


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