• Exam P–Probability
  • Exam FM–Financial Mathematics
  • Exam IFM–Investment and Financial Markets
  • Exam LTAM–Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics
  • Exam STAM–Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics
  • Exam SRM-Statistics for Risk Modeling
  • Exam PA-Predictive Analytics

Our Instructors provides actuarial students with top actuarial instructors to work with from throughout the United States. We, at, understand fully that we can provide the highest level of convenience, and flexibility for students in receiving live actuarial tutoring, but without highly qualified actuarial instructors to lead the tutoring sessions, the value of the sessions will not meet the necessary requirements of the students. Below is a list of a few of our accomplished actuarial instructors:

William P. Cross

William P. Cross, Ph.D., F.S.A., is an instructor for all actuarial science courses offered in the math department at IUPUI, a joint campus of Indiana University and Purdue University located in Indianapolis. He began teaching there 5 years ago as an adjunct lecturer and 3 years ago joined the faculty full-time. He has designed lectures for the SOA M/FE exam. Before this, he had a 12-year career as an actuary, spending 4 years working in property/casualty and 8 years in supplemental health. He has received a silver award in the International Math Olympiad, becoming a Putnam Fellow his senior year of college. He began the pursuit of his A.S.A. in November 1993, completing it in November 1994, scoring a 10 on each exam, while working on his Ph. D. in Operations Research from the University of Michigan. He completed his F.S.A. in 2004. He earned his B.S. degree from the California Institute of Technology.

Geoffrey M. Apel

Dr. Geoffrey Apel has been teaching a full range of mathematics courses, both graduate and undergraduate, at Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois since 2003. During his tenure there, he helped develop their Actuarial Science Program. He specializes in providing instruction for the P/1, FM/2, and MFE/3F exams. His students and colleagues have described him as being energetic, compassionate, and approachable. Dr. Apel received his Ph.D. in 2005 from Northern Illinois University in the area of Computational Number Theory. He also received his MS in Pure Math from the same institution and his BS in Mathematics and BS in Computer Science from Millikin University. Dr. Apel has a tremendous track record for helping students pass their actuarial exams.

Leonard A. Asimow

Leonard A. Asimow, Ph.D., A.S.A., is the department head for the mathematics department at Robert Morris University. He joined RMU in 2001 as the founding director of the Actuarial Science Program, which is now recognized as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries. Before he came to RMU, Dr. Asimow taught at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and the University of Wyoming. He also directed the actuarial science program at Maryville University, St. Louis. He recently co-authored the Actex textbook Probability and Statistics with Applications: A Problem Solving Text, one of the recommended texts for Exam P/1. Dr. Asimow received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA and his doctorate in mathematics from the University of Washington.

Daniel C. Biles

Daniel C. Biles received his Ph. D. in mathematics from Vanderbilt University in 1987. He has 23 years experience as a professor, and is now in the mathematics and computer science department at Belmont University. He has been training students for Actuarial Exam P/1 for a number of years, and offers a yearly course at Belmont for Exam P/1 preparation. He has over 25 research publications, and has recently began publishing in stochastic calculus, a sub field of probability theory.

Dr. Yvonne Chueh

Dr. Yvonne Chueh, ASA, Ph.D is an Actuarial Science, Statistics, and Mathematics professor at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. She attended the University of Connecticut earning a Ph.D. and M.S. in Mathematics & Actuarial Science. She also earned a B.S. in Pure Mathematics from National Taiwan University. She has taught over two decades at University of Connecticut, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and Central Washington University. She has been a member of the Society of Actuaries since 1994 and served as council member (2013-2017) and chair (2017) of SOA Education & Research Section as well as a presenter and panelist since 2002. Dr. Chueh is a specialist in MLC and C/4 exam preparation.

Dr. Darren E. Mason

Dr. Darren E. Mason is currently professor and chair of mathematics and computer science at Albion College in Michigan. He also holds a visiting adjunct professorship with the Actuarial Science Program at Michigan State University. He has taught courses in mathematics, statistics, and engineering at the undergraduate and graduate level for 20 years. Over the past four years Darren has prepared students at MSU, Albion, and Guangzhou University (China) to pass the P/1, FM/2, and IFM/3F exams. Over the years students have rated Darren highly as a teacher, describing him as accessible and extremely dedicated Dr. Mason received his B.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota (U-MN) in mathematics and mechanics and completed a 2-year post-doctoral research fellowship in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, a 3-year three professorship of engineering mechanics at MSU, and a 1-year visiting professorship at U-MN.

Dr. Mark R. Hoffmann

Dr. Mark R. Hoffmann, Ph.D.,FCAS, is currently an actuarial lecturer at Columbia University in New York City. Dr. Hoffmann holds a PhD from the University of Missouri and is also a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society. He runs evening courses for Exam IFM as well as CAS exam 5 at The Columbia University School of Professional Studies. In addition, he has authored extensive study material for CAS exams 8 and 9. Over the past 25 years, Mark has enjoyed teaching many topics in mathematics, statistics, and actuarial science at both the graduate and undergraduate level.