• Exam P–Probability
  • Exam FM–Financial Mathematics
  • Exam IFM–Investment and Financial Markets
  • Exam LTAM–Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics
  • Exam STAM–Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics
  • Exam SRM-Statistics for Risk Modeling
  • Exam PA-Predictive Analytics

How Online Tutoring Works

Students work together with their actuarial instructor reviewing important exam syllabus concepts and the solutions to practice exam problems on a shared classroom blackboard while simultaneously discussing the exam material by telephone. The shared classroom blackboard allows for both the instructor and student to write on. The student and instructor work together hands-on during One-on-One tutoring sessions and students are encouraged to actively participate with questions for the instructor during Group tutoring classes.

The One-on-One and Group Online tutoring services of offer students the same effectiveness of meeting with their actuarial instructor in person but with the added benefit of receiving superior actuarial tutoring from the comfort of their own home at scheduled times which are convenient for them.