• Exam P–Probability
  • Exam FM–Financial Mathematics
  • Exam IFM–Investment and Financial Markets
  • Exam LTAM–Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics
  • Exam STAM–Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics
  • Exam SRM-Statistics for Risk Modeling
  • Exam PA-Predictive Analytics

Exam FM One-on-One Exam Preparation

No software tools. No Videos. We are live tutoring

Exam Registration Deadline: July 9 
Exam Sitting Period: August 9-20 
Exam FM Syllabus Topics to Master Include:
Equations of Value,Force of Interest and Converting Rates, Increasing and Geometric Annuities, Loans, Amortization, and Sinking Funds, Premium and Discount Bonds, Callable Bonds, Duration Immunization, Approximating Price Change, Using Duration and Convexity

The Exam FM One-on-One Tutoring Program

  • We match you with your own personal instructor who possesses the expert knowledge, experience, and teaching ability to successfully prepare you for Exam FM.
  • He/She initially evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, and then develops an exam preparation program tailored and structured for you.
  • There is an emphasis placed on your mastering of the FM syllabus material with your instructor simplifying complex conceptual understanding.
  • There is a constant focus on your mastering of FM problem solving, with your instructor sharing valuable strategies, methods, and shortcuts for approaching, attacking, and solving exam problems effectively and efficiently.
  • Your exam preparation progress is always monitored, as your instructor leads you to be in the strongest possible position to pass on exam day.
  • Your instructor also takes on an active role as coach and mentor to provide support throughout the rigorous exam preparation process.
  • Tutoring sessions are fully recorded for your own personal study.

We at have been very successful in helping students pass their actuarial exams because of the individualized and personalized approach that we take in their exam preparation.

Using our WebEx-based live classroom platform to connect students with teachers, we offer students the opportunity to work hands-on with top actuarial exam instructors in preparing for their exams.

We take a personal interest in you and your exam goals. Working together, we will achieve exam success.

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