• Probability Exam (P/1)
  • Financial Mathematics Exam (FM/2)
  • Models for Financial Economics Exam (MFE/3F)
  • SOA Life Contingencies Exam (MLC)
  • CAS Life Contingencies and Statistics Exam (3L)
  • Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models Exam (C/4)

Group Actuarial Tutoring

The Group Actuarial Tutoring of provides actuarial students with the opportunity to work with top actuarial instructors throughout the United States in small online group classes in preparation for the P/1, FM/2, MFE/3F,MLC, 3L, and C/4 examinations from the comfort and convenience of their own home. offers multiple group classes for each exam. In this way, students have the flexibility to decide which schedule of group class days and times work best for them with their own personal schedules.

During the group class sessions, the instructor leads the class, breaking down the actuarial exam review material on a shared classroom blackboard while simultaneously discussing the review material on a classroom conference call setup. And although the instructor leads the class during the group sessions, students are encouraged to share their questions with the instructor and class during the group sessions. The very small class size allows for this important interaction between the instructor and students during the group sessions, therefore providing the highest level of effective learning for each individual student in the class.

The size of the group classes will generally be restricted to fifteen students or less. We strongly believe that this class size contributes to maximizing the learning curve of each individual member of the class. Unlike other actuarial exam review programs in which there is little or no interaction between instructor and students, places great importance on the students having the opportunity to be actively involved during the live group exam review sessions.