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The Exam Roadmap Consultation

Have you prepared for an actuarial exam and felt confident that you were going to pass, only to fail? Are you sitting for an exam for the first time and want a roadmap on how to most effectively prepare for a passing score?

The AET Exam Roadmap Consultation provides you with the incredible opportunity to have a one hour consultation with one of our top instructors to receive valuable guidance and direction on how to correctly attack the exam preparation process to place yourself in a strong position to achieve a passing score.

During your 60 minute consultation, the instructor will discuss with you:

  • The required exam syllabus material and which topics/types of problems to be most concerned about.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the exam material.
  • Your individual step by step roadmap for correct exam preparation.
  • Recommendations of which study resources to utilize during your exam preparation process.
  • For students who have sat for the exam before, an in-depth analysis of what led to not passing in your previous sitting.
  • Important study techniques for maintaining structure and focus throughout your exam preparation process.